What should I do if I find an injured or orphaned animal? Who takes care of them? Veterinarians? Wildlife Parks? The government?

  1. First of all injured animals are very susceptible to stress, so they have to be handled carefully but also you need to have your own safety in mind first. If you are not safe you can’t offer help!
  2. Before attempting to rescue any animal, be sure the animal really needs rescuing. Before trying to capture the animal, or intervene, observe the animal from a distance.
  3. Don’t attempt to rescue
    – bats,
    – sea turtles
    (responsibility of Marine Wildwatch call 1800 453 941),
    – snakes
    (professional snake catchers funded by government call 1800 453 210),
    – birds of prey and
    – fully grown wallabies
    All these rescues need trained and sometimes vaccinated people!

In Darwin and surround Wildcare NT (Phone 89 886 121) is the licensed rescue organization. They have volunteers who can assists with rescues. In the Northern Territory only registered wildlife rehabilitators are licensed to legally care for native animals. But you can legally rescue an animal and drop it off to a veterinarian or a wildlife carer.

If possible and safe, please drop the animal off to us. ArkAid Wildlife Hospital is situated at:

The Ark Animal Hospital
56 Georgina Crescent

Other corporate vet clinics of Wildcare NT are listed here, including their opening hours. Please note not all vet clinics will accept wildlife.

Please don’t  try and raise wildlife on your own if you are not a registered wildlife carer. It is not only is it illegal,  it can endanger the health and well-being of that animal, but also put at risk your own health, as well as the health of your family and pets.