On average 2-4 animals each day will be seen by our vets due to car collisions.

But the number of animals in and around Darwin but also especially in the rural areas getting hit by cars and causing a dangerous situation for the passengers is very likely at least 30 times higher.

Night-time travel has a significant risk factor when comparing animal-related crashes to other serious injury crashes. There were also a significantly higher proportion of motorcyclists than other vehicle occupants involved in animal-related serious crashes compared to all other serious injury crashes.

Wild Australian fauna such as the kangaroo, wombat, wallaby, and emu continue to be among the most prevalent road-kill victims reported (NRMA, 2003).

As part of the NT Government Road Safety Campaign we would like to support this important messages and safety tips.

  • Be aware– Animals are more active and harder to see at sunrise and sunset
  • Reduce your speed– Slow down when you see animal  warning signs
  • Stay alert– Animals are unpredictable, so expect the unexpected
  • Report or safe injured wildlife – Call Wildcare Inc. or drop it off to us if possible

Road Safety, drive careful after dark

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