Free-roaming cats and dogs pose a particular threat to wildlife. Pets and especially cats kill millions of birds and other small animals each year. Birds and other animals that survive the initial attack are still in danger – unless treated, infections from the toxic bacteria found in a cat’s mouth kill a significant number of animals.

Free Desexing for cats

Are you a concession card holder in Darwin, Palmerston or Litchfield area?
If yes you can now apply to get your cat desexed for free. Ark Aid Inc was successful in receiving two grants for cat desexing helping to support responsible pet ownership.

As part of two community grants City of Palmerston, Animal Welfare branch, Cat Association Northern Territory and Ark Aid Inc are offering free desexing and/or microchipping for your cat. The program will run until June 2017 and will give up to 200 cat owners the chance of free desexing.

All surgeries will be done professionally at The Ark Animal Hospital in Yarrawonga.

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Tips for cats

On average, indoor cats live longer, healthier lives. Free-roaming outdoor cats are at a greater risk of injury, disease, parasites, getting hit by cars, or becoming lost, stolen, or poisoned.

Tips for dogs

Dogs, being social animals, love walking and playing with their human companions instead of being left alone outdoors. A lof of our native animals are night active, so please keep your dog inside during the night or confined to an secured area. Desexing your dog can also help to change aggression and the hunting instinct.

Your pets will also benefit by being healthier and safer by: not getting hit by cars, not fighting with other animals, not risking serious disease, parasites, poisoning, or becoming a cruelty victim. Your wallet will also benefit greatly (lower vet bills).