ArkAid offers training for the general public, wildlife carer, rangers and corporate companies.

All our courses are tailored for each group and run by professional veterinarians, veterinary nurses or senior wildlife carers which intensive experience in wildlife, wildlife diseases and wildlife caring.

Training calendar – If you are interested in a course please send us an email. We will try to organize a course as soon as we got 6 people interested.

Date Topic
tba Snake identification
Caring for Wallabies
Caring for Possums
Caring for Birds
Introduction to Flying Fox Rehab

Cost: All courses are free but we welcome donations for our wildlife hospital.

Venue: The Ark Animal Hospital – 56 Georgina Crescent Yarrawonga

Presenter: All presenter are highly experienced working with wildlife and are either veterinarians, veretenary nurses or long term wildlife carer


Some examples for our courses

Specialized Carers courses e.g. snakes and reptiles

  • Overview about reptiles in the Darwin region
  • Caring for reptiles
  • First Aid
  • Hygiene
  • Common diseases and treatment

Basic training for Wildlife carers

  • Overview about fauna in the Darwin region
  • Regulations and guideline in regards to wildlife
  • wildlife carers permit
  • common animals which come into care
  • Basic rescue equipment
  • Basic First Aid and transport

What a course could cover (for companies or rangers)

  • Examination and assessment of e.g. mammals, bird, reptiles
  • First Aid
  • How to secure and transport animal to a vet clinic
  • Basic rescue equipment
  • Gain a better understanding of biodiversity and environmental assessment

To be notified of these sessions, please click here to register your interest or contact us if you would like to us to run a tailored course for your company or organization.