Every native animal which comes into care has a story. Ark Aid aims to illustrate not only the variety of native animals, but how they are injured, how they recover, and what we as individuals can do to help these amazing and remarkable creatures. By sharing our experience with children and showing them some of the wildlife that surrounds them we hope that in the future these would-be custodians of our planet will make good decisions and ensure our survival alongside our precious wildlife in a natural balance.

Ark Aid Inc school talks are tailored to age and knowledge of its audience and teachers or principals are encouraged to discuss possible integration into their curriculum.

Our Wildcare Education officer will visit the school and can offer indoor educational talks or small walks in the surrounding area to spot wildlife.

Presentations for smaller groups can include pass-around items such possum boxes, pouches and caring equipment.

1. First Aid
What should I do when I find an injured or orphaned animal?
Who should I ring if I find an animal?
What are the first steps to help the animal?

2. Wildlife around Darwin
What Wildlife can we find around Darwin?
What is in your backyard? What should I do if I see a snake?

3. Caring for wildlife
What does a wildlife carer do?
How do you become a carer?
What are the challenges of being a carer?

4. Macropods in the Top End
Which macropods do you know?
What should you do if you find an orphaned possum or a wallaby hit by a car?

5. Birds in the Top End
Which bird can you find in the Top End?
Which birds do live in your backyard?
What should you do if you find a baby bird?

6. Animal Welfare
What does it mean? What standards do we have to improve animal welfare for native animals?

7. Responsible Pet ownership
What does it mean? How can I become a responsible pet owner?
What do I need to do to teach my pet?

To discuss your school talk please contact our education officer Jess Bartlett on info@wildlifedarwin.org.au