We are a diverse and dedicated veterinary team and supporters united by a deep passion for wildlife and conservation. Every single person in our team is either working as a veterinarian, vet nurse or wildlife carer.

Our Committee:

Our committee is managed by nine professional and knowledgeable people.

Role Profile
Dr. Stephen Cutter – President Stephen is our wildlife head vet and also owner of The Ark Animal Hospital. He has a deep passion for our wildlife and offers free vet service for native animals since he started his career in 1995.Dr. Cutter also provides veterinary services to the Territory Wildlife Park, Nina’s Ark (Wildlife Sanctuary in Batchelor), is a corporate member of Wildcare NT and Chairperson of the Animal Welfare Advisory Committee in the NT.In 2008 he and wildlife service featured in the TV documentary Outback Wildlife Rescue and the was Award winner in 2010 for the Pride of Australia in the environment category.
Jessica Bartlett – Vice President 1 Jessica decided to follow her dreams to work with animals. She nearly finished her Cert IV Vet nursing and has a special interest in exotics and wildlife. Jessica has been caring for wildlife for over 8 years and is specialized in caring for wallabies. She also works as one of our Education Officers delivering school talks and courses for the general public.
Andrea Ruske – Vice President 2 Andrea has cared for Australian wildlife for nearly 10 years with special interest in Flying Foxes, possums and birds.

While she is not working in the vet clinic she is dedicated to provide support for our wildlife and is often working in the evening, on weekends or assisting in surgery for native animals. She is also a wildlife mentor for Wildcare NT – Darwin’s Wildlife rescue and rehabilitation organization. She can also advise how to become a registered wildlife carer in the Northern Territory.

Dr. Jessica Eastley – Treasurer Dr. Jessica Eastley is our second dedicated wildlife vet and also services the Territory Wildlife Park.  Whilst Jessica is fond of all species of wildlife, her passion is reptile medicine and she is also a certified snake catcher.She had never worked with reptiles before coming to the Ark, but after saving an injured water python that was brought into the clinic as an emergency, she has come to love them. She finds them fascinating, from their behaviour to their specific needs when being cared for.

Jessica supports Ark Aid because it is important to her that our native wildlife is conserved and injured wildlife have somewhere to go where they can be cared for and where people are experienced in their treatment. Wildlife is very varied and information is not as readily available for them as it is for domestic species such as cats and dogs, so It is important that we do everything we can to preserve out natural environment.

Alana Slavin – Secretary Alana is pursuing her love of animals becoming a vet nurse and volunteering for Ark AId Inc. She is our second Education Officer for Ark Aid, promoting awareness of wildlife and dog safety to local schools and childcare centres. Alana has a special interest in wildlife and is a wildlife carer mainly for possums.
Committee member – Lana, Hanna, Gee

Our non committee members also play a vital role for the delivery of our service and most of them are also vet nurses and wildlife carers.