BrookeArkAid Inc. has two main goals:

  • to provide free first class medical and surgical veterinary treatment for native wildlife in the Greater Darwin area and
  • to educate the general public in becoming more aware, concerned and understanding of our wildlife.

We offer full veterinary service, intensive care for animal if needed and rehabilitation for special needs animals such as sea turtles, reptiles and endangered species.

All our members are professionals either veterinarians, veterinary nurses or long term wildlife carers and thanks to our main sponsor The Ark Animal Hospital we are also able to use their resources if necessary.

Our service includes

  • initial assessment
  • first aid
  • veterinary consultation
  • xray and diagnostics (e.g. blood, urine, skin scrabs)
  • surgery
  • intensive care

We work with Wildcare NT, Nina’s Ark, specialized wildlife carers and several government to ensure the best outcome and rehabilitation for our wildlife.

Unfortunately we are unable to collect injured wildlife but we can however advise you on the best way to capture and transport an injured animal or bird to our clinic for treatment.

If you find an injured animal and you can’t transport it to our clinic, please call Wildcare NT on 89 886 121. They have trained wildlife volunteers who will assist you.