After providing for your family and friends you may wish to leave a charitable gift in your will. It enables you to leave a legacy that reflects the compassion you showed in your lifetime, and honours the causes close to your heart. Would a gift help them go forward? If the answer is yes, think about making provision for it in your will.

Gifts in Wills are an extremely important source of funding for us andallow the ArkAid Inc to provide ongoing veterinary services, care and rehabilitation for native animals in the TopEnd, upgrade our hospital facilities to increase the comfort for each animal in our care and work towards creating a society where people and animals can live alongside each other, with respect and tolerance.

You can make it possible to respond to thousands of emergencies every year for wildlife in desperate need.

What is a Will?

A valid Will is a legally enforceable document which specifies the people and/or organisations to benefit from your estate (the net value of your assets after any outstanding debts have been paid).

What is a Bequest?

Your first priority when preparing your Will is to provide for the needs and future security of your loved ones. A Bequest is a specific gift, nominated in your Will, to one or more non-profit organisations such as ArkAid Inc.

There are many different forms of Bequest:

  • an outright cash gift
  • a percentage of the overall value of your estate
  • personal property such as an investment (shares, stocks, bonds), artwork
  • a gift of real estate
  • proceeds of a nominated bank account
  • a residual gift (ie. the balance of your estate after all other obligations have been met)
  • any combination of the above

Making a will

Ideally, drop in and see a lawyer. If you don’t want to do that, get a will kit, or follow the advice at to get the format right.

More information

To have a confidential discussion or to request further information  on leaving a bequest in your Will please contact us