snake xray with possumArkAid Inc is currently operating from The Ark Animal Hospital in Palmerston.

We have a dedicated wildlife room and facilities in the clinic, outside facilities for sea turtles – including a crane to lift big sea turtles into the tank – and due to our main sponsor The Ark Vet we have free access to

  • all veterinary facilities e.g. surgery, isolation and consulting rooms.
  • veterinary equipment e.g. xray, full In-house Blood testing and complete laboratory facilities.
  • outdoor facilities for sea turtles.
  • knowledge base veterinarians and experienced vet nurses.
  • Business connection including connections to research facilities, wildlife sanctuaries and zoos.

Last year we have been very fortunate to receive a Government Animal Welfare Grant which enabled us to  purchase

  • two intensive care units,
  • a doppler machine,
  • a dart gun
  • and a microscope.

We also upgraded our cages to stainless steel and special reptile care tanks and trained people for handling raptors.

All our ArkAid members are either vets or vet nurses and contribute a wealth of knowledge for the treatment of different species of native animals.