Are you passionate about our precious wildlife?

Do you have a flair for organizing fundraising events or other fundraising initiatives?

Here are some options how you can help to raise funds for our native animals

  1. Donation box
    You can also help raise crucial funds by ordering an ArkAid collection container that can be placed at your school, business or event to raise much needed funds that will save lives!
  2. Fundraiser Events
    Whether it’s a barbecue, physical challenge, quizz night, raffle, themed ball or bowling day, we can support your idea, help you organize it and provide you with material.
  3. Online Fundraise
    If your fundraising activity involves asking friends, family and colleagues to sponsor you, set up your own fundraising page e.g. on Everyday Hero. It’s fast and easy.
  4. Have a birthday pledge
    There’s no better time to ask your friends and family to support a cause you care about than when you are celebrating a special day.
  5. Raise money in your school or workplace
    Creating your own workplace fundraising event or activity.  There are heaps of creative and fun ways you can raise funds at work or school.

You can make a real difference for our local wildlife, support our veterinary service and education, so we can help more animals in need. Contact us if you would like to help: