What we do

Every year, hundreds of thousands of native animals are injured, orphaned, or become sick, often because of some interaction with people or pets. Our Wildlife Hospital provides veterinary service, emergency relief and support for wildlife in need.

We have a proud history of successfully treating these native animals.

Treated animals include

  • all bird species (also birds of prey and sea birds),
  • mammals such as wallabies, possums, echidnas, sugar gliders, bats, dugongs
  • reptiles and snakes
  • sea and fresh water turtles.

Every single day we provide a helping hand to 5-10  native animals from Darwin, Palmerston, the rural area but also from remote communities.

In addition to our main clinic opening hours we provide a 24 hour on call emergency service and advice for native wildlife.

We also offer training courses for e.g. wildlife carers, general public, corporate companies, rangers. If you have a special need to learn more about wildlife please contact us and we might be able to help.

We offer support and treatment for Wildlife carers and local Wildlife rescue organizations e.g. Wildcare NT and Nina’s Ark and we are planing to offer training to local and remote rangers.