With urban development and human activities our wildlife is facing a lot of dangers every day.
Vehicle collisions, domestic pets, intentional or unintentional poisonings, window collisions, trapping or tree removal just to name a few.

In the greater Darwin region thousands of wildlife are injured, orphaned, or otherwise compromised each year.


Car collisions, dog or cat attack or hitting a window are the most common reasons for a bird to come into care. Injuries vary from broken bones, head or spinal trauma, bite wounds, feather loss. All these condition need veterinary attention. Please catch the bird if you can and bring it to us. You can find tips for First Aid and Transport on our site.

Baby Birds

Many baby birds picked up by¬† people are not really “orphans”. They are young animals still receiving care from their parents. Most of the time, the best thing is to leave a baby bird right where you found him. As helpless and frail as baby birds may appear, they are there for a reason, and they probably have parents who are watching them from somewhere nearby.

To assure yourself that a parent will return to the baby, keep your eye on the young bird for up to three hours from a discreet distance. If you found the bird on the ground you can also supply an artificial nest (e.g. ice creme box) and put the bird with a bit of grass inside and nail the box to a tree. If the parents are still around they will find it and start feeding again.

If you can’t see the parents after a couple of hours, please either ring Wildcare NT 89 886 121 or bring it to us in the clinic.
If the bird is injured please bring him to us and don’t put it back!