Saving lives is now a bit easier

The Ichthys Project came to the rescue and funded much needed veterinary equipment for Ark Aid Inc. Wildlife Hospital in Palmerston.

Ark Aid Inc operates the only specialized wildlife hospital facilities in the Northern Territory and offers free veterinary service and surgical treatment for native wildlife in the Darwin area.

The charity organization Ark Aid Inc. provides veterinary care to over 2000 wildlife patients each year and has specialized facilities to treat injured and sick native animals.

Dr. Stephen Cutter president of Ark Aid Inc. said the funding of two fluid pumps, a special LED surgery light and a blood centrifuge will make a significant difference for the treatment of native animals.

The surgical light was already put into use three weeks ago when a young hawksbill turtle was flown in from a remote community as it had swallowed a fish hook.

Using the LED light Dr. Stephen Cutter was able to remove the fish hook without any major surgery and the turtle was released back into the wild only two days later.

Both the intravenous Fluid pumps will to used to help critically ill wildlife such as sea and water birds with Boltulism and wallabies with Hyperthermia.

The blood centrifuge can be used to collect blood plasma to give young or orphaned animals a better chance of fighting infections.

Ark Aid Inc. would like to thank the Ichthys Project for supporting a local community group and our native wildlife.

surgery light